You are enough.

Hey you. Yes you. You are enough. You have everything you need placed within yourself. You are enough. You are love.         You are a ball of radiant light. You are enough. You give yourself to others. You give to yourself. You are enough. You have your issues. You have daily struggles. […]


Feeling a bit funny today. Maybe because I am happy. Maybe because I am silly. Maybe because I am just me. Maybe I love to play with words. My soul dances when I get creative. Add in your own words as you sing to the classic playground song. Cindy and Peter Sitting in a tree […]

A matter of the heart.

It’s okay to   let go of emotional ties from your heart.                                         When your heart feels resentful, angry, broken and cheated you are left with singing Billy Ray Cyrus, “Achy breaky heart”. Sing away!! Let your heart […]