Boss and Beauty

I hold much truth to my nickname BOSS” as it was given to me by my father. He has called me boss from my childhood to now. I am proud to be the boss and hold the reigns for the past 37 years.

The Beauty is both: Beautiful and Ugly.

That’s the beauty part of it all.

Some days Boss is beauty and other days Boss is ugly ( by this I refer to my inner self.) Although, my outer self suffers too.

You too are your own boss which in turn holds your own power. Your days will be filled with both : Beautiful and Ugly.

Please enjoy this journey with me as we embark on some wacky –  jacky –  tobacky. What a nice jingle.  Sounds like I need to smoke something .

Hey now! Our earth mother has it growing for good reasons.* Smoke responsibly*

My name is Cindy Santo,  I am the boss and one hell of a beauty!




2 comments on “Boss and Beauty

  1. Well Boss you said it right any situation that arrives you take charge and the part of Beauty you are definetly that from inner and outside . You shine with your smile and your generousity with everyone is warming . Having you as my daughter make me so proud and you always be the boss in my eyes Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad! I hold my nickname Boss proud. I love you so much and thank you for your support by reading and really appreciating how I like to play with words.
    Love Cindy~ your little boss

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