At least I am sucking one thing…The vino and oh is it good!

The wine was a pouring and momma was a sucking.  wine


I am half Croatian! You did’t expect anything less now did you? We Croatians know how to suck.

seamase street  is suck.

Who knew the word suck could make eyes widen and heads turn  – even in the most innocent forms of conversing.

I admit and take full responsibility of my actions. I had an agreement with myself to refill again and again. A bottle or two goes down really fast when you are connected with great conversations and company. Each glass consumed has its own magical mystery.

Mysteries such as uttering profound insights, busting out unique dance moves and or simply stating the facts ( perhaps it’s the illusion of the wine body thinking it’s all fabulous). I refer to “wine body” because that’s just it. The wine takes over your body.

Don’t play shy with me.  We have all used that this line at least once in our lives, ” It was the wine talking”.  Well my wine body was talking and it was dancing too. The song that I got down to most was ” Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea. I was feeling those beats. This song took over me allowing my wine body to groove,  moving like a black widow should.

I’m gonna love you
Until you hate me
And I’m gonna show youimages
What’s really crazy
You should’ve known better
Then to mess with me, heartache
I’m gonna lie to you, I’m gonna lie to you
Gonna lie to you, gonna lie to you
Like a black widow, baby

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But the best experience of it all was the laughter!!


My spectators of the evening truly benefited from my comedy show. It felt as though my audience had been placed before me. Watching me, loving my comedy. Laughing with me? or at me? Regardless, they laughed.

you love me

Peter would look at me and shake his head from time to time. He would then say, ” Suck more” and in a quick comedic response I said, ” I love to suck.. Tonight this wine is the only thing I will be sucking and its the best suck ever”.  The silence filled the room and within seconds the blast of laughter shattered the space.

I love to laugh – hard.


Those laughs that leave you in tearscrying-with-laughter

The laughs that shake your whole body. The laughs that leave you breathless. The laughs that leave you feeling so good. The ” I really needed that laugh”. The well deserved laugh. The healing laugh.

 Which ever laugh you have – I encourage it and perhaps sucking too.

Laughter is healing, laughter sets your body into motion. It uplifts and rejuvenates your soul. It brings in new light and oxygen to your cells and overall wellness. It provides you with the care your body needs.


I hope that you, my readers, benefit  from my blog. For this is why I write. To heal with laughter. Have I made you laugh from this post? Any of my other post I have written to date? Yes!! Perfect! I have done what I am set to do- bringing laughter into your life.

Until the next post…

Stay well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



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  1. Yes, Darling laughter and positive thinking will make us enjoy the New Year 2015.
    Love You Very Much . You write the truth about being a Croation plus you also have the French background to help with the sucking.

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