Dedication Day – Isabel

The night was passionate. I said to the Universe, ” I want a baby.”

That same night – you were conceived.


 I started to write a journal which is dedicated to you. Here is one of many:

Nov 10, 2008

Mommy is full of gas! I ate a lot of green vegetables for lunch. It now wants to come out my bum ūüôā Today, I am 20 weeks into my pregnancy. ¬†Which means I am half way through. I can’t wait to meet you. I know I have been a little crazy lately- with my emotions – it’s tough. I recently felt scared. Hoping that I do a great job in raising you right.

You will have a good friend. Auntie Leslie is having a baby just a week behind my due date. We are going to spend a lot of time together. Are you a little girl? Or are you a little boy? Whichever you are I honor and love you so much.

You are coming into a wonderful family. We like to have a lot of fun. We laugh, party, joke, love, sing, dance. We try to enjoy life each day. That is one of the things I will teach you. Live each day to the fullest. Try no to live in the past but in the present moment. Life is hard at times but know this my little one- it always works itself out.

I will be here for you. Daddy loves you so much already. You have such a great father. He adores you. He will make you laugh because he makes mommy laugh everyday. I can’t wait to hold you, cuddle you and offer you all that we can.

Be strong, grow healthy, may God guide and bless you.

Love Mommy

Isabel you are my heart. You are my love. You are my earth angel. The love that I hold dear for you in my heart expands to galaxies and beyond. You adore me and I adore you more.

Isabel you are so smart- reading at a grade one level while in JK. – ¬†Impressive. I don’t even think I started to read until grade 2. Can you believe that when I was a little girl the principal at that time told grandma that I was special needs. He actually used the”R word.” Do not ever use the” R word.” Whenever I hear that word, I correct people by saying ” please don’t use that word”.

Find a different word.

the r word

I do have my weaknesses in math. I was taken out of class to the special education room. In this room we would practice our math. To this day I still feel dyslexic with numbers. Don’t throw any timetables questions at me. I will freeze up!

I am drawn to children with special needs I choose my career path in working with all forms of disabilities. They are the most intelligent individuals I have ever worked with. They have magic in their eyes. They have a unique energy  providing us with constant love and teachings. Be gentle to those who are not as advanced as you- you will mark a place in their hearts and they will leave a mark onto yours.

You are very creative with your art work. Your first painting  a Birch tree Рa very spiritual tree.I love trees especially when they talk to me and they do. Just ask Dino.  I connect with your creativity. You love to write and have an amazing imagination through play.  We make forts and play for hours.  Keep your creativity alive. I feel its the highest form of intelligence.

007 Your fort. The scarves are decorations of Christmas lights.

Your dance and coordination impresses me – only because you learned those moves from the best- YOUR MOMMA! yeah, you know the moves I am talking about. Each night after dinner we have our dance parties. The music goes on and we hit the dance floor.

054 Your Snow Show:  Hip Hop /Tap class.

You inspire me to be a better person. Trust me, I am not perfect. Especially on my demonic days. You know those days when I  transform my voice into a demonic beast.

* demonic voice now” ” I said to get your boots on!! why do I have to tell you 100 times??”

You will look at me. Your eyes wide.  When our eyes meet- we laugh. Thankfully because I really want to tear your beautiful face apart. Not really but you get the point.

One thing you need to always remember:

One of your most beautiful qualities is compassion. Your heart holds so much love and compassion for others . Your hands are placed close to your heart. Providing love to yourself and onto others.  





My angel. My love.

Love you always,



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