Grass is green and yellow too.

Boss: How’s everything?

Whomever( insert the name that resonates with you here): Oh!  as they smirk from ear to ear. Well… you know… the grass on my side is always green. The color of emerald  green. It is so green. You are surely not in Kansas, but in the land of OZ.

emarld city

Boss:  Green!!  I want your emerald green as you so describe.  I need that green. Your green seems so wonderful and greeny perfect. I mean I do have green grass at times but its mostly yellow.

First, I need this   mary jane   green.

Once I finish my session – I will see the grass being emerald green.  Or… it might be that I am just too high. Either way, green is the new blue jean, or perhaps the college dean, heck just give it to me in between. HEY!! Have you seen the jelly bean?

Whomever: Umm… are you okay?  *looking puzzled*

Boss:  Of course Envy.

Whomever: Envy?

Boss: Sorry. You don’t mind if I call you envy? I mean, your grass is so green. You articulate such persuasion in your voice and I can’t help but fantasize about your green grass.  I look onto my grass – its nothing but yellow.

 Whomever:  My grass is ALWAYS green. * becoming irritated and uncomfortable*

Boss: That may be true, but hard to believe.  Perhaps the green you see isn’t always green. Maybe its yellow at times like mine. Yellow is mellow- nothing wrong with some pee grass. Think about these situations and then tell me if your grass is ALWAYS green?

When you have to ask you partner to bring the laundry basket up when it sits right in front of their personal space?  When you have to tell you partner 10 times step by step instructions and yet they still mess it up? How about when they just act like an ass?

And oh…how about when your partner is sick. My partner from time to time will suffer from:

“The man cold”…please…get up and on with it. the man cold

How about when a heated arguments erupts over money, kids, the loss of a loved one, family, friends, physical health, mental health, love and hate relationships, suppressed traumas,  external influences, internal influences, work,  everyday stress, troubled souls, negative souls, media, renovations.

Boss: Still green?

Whomever: No, it is not.

Boss: Its yellow right?

Whomever: Yes, its yellow at times.

 Boss: No ones grass is ALWAYS green. Its yellow too.

In life we all have our own journey. It is true that others do have greener shades of grass but not always.


Don’t be quick to judge. Our perception of what we interpret from seeing and hearing others talk of their green grass.  We get swept away in the illusion of others lives being better than ours. As I said before,  others do have shades of green brighter than yours; in the same breath, others have shades of yellow duller than yours.

Their journey may seem smoother than yours.However, at some point in their lives. Past or present- they too, have and will  experience yellow grass.

Suggestions? Yes, I may have a few. We should tend to our grass more. We should nurture and water our grass more. We need to be gentle with ourselves- Its part of our journey. We need to accept  what we have placed before us . Be open to and ready for change. Change the things we want to see improve.

When it comes down to the real answer. We all live and share the same grass. We are all connected. We are one. We all have our own grass that will be greener on some days and yellower on other days.

Keep in mind that your journey is yours alone and to compare it to someone else is not fair to you or to them. It may not make sense to you and it shouldn’t because its not your journey – but theirs.

So..tend to your grass, don’t let it pass and be sure to smack your ass. ( its fun when you give your ass a nice slap from time to time).

Stay well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



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