It was in my early twenties. I remember the day it happened. I was washing my dishes. I was calm and centered.  My hands were submerged in the element of water. True bliss.



I was taken back from the initial arousal. A tingle. A release of climax.

Did I…? Was this..? How did this happen..?

My dear friend Lana for over 22 years knows this story to be true. We have had many countless jokes and laughs from “dishes”. Lana would say ,”dishes” and within seconds our laughter exploded between us.

Lana would call and say in her soft, devilish laugh, ” Hey Cin, doing dishes babe?”

The infectious bone of  laughter would continue for minutes. Adding new elements to the story of dishes. We were very creative. One night, back in our pre-marriage days also known as ” the really fun days.”  We took hold of the evening.  It was a very fun night indeed. When the wildness came to a close. I settled into a deep slumber. During my drunken sleep, Lana had strategically placeddishes1 just  inches away from my vision field. Upon awakening, soft green hues feel onto my hands. The light from the sun reflected this glow. I grabbed the bottle and held it close. In  a desired state I announced, ” Boy do I ever need to do some dishes”.

Who knew dishes would activate such stimulation. I mean, really?  Hands in water. Cleaning sticky, icky, dishes. Little did I know that doing dishes holds deeper meaning – a spiritual meaning.  My experience of sudden pleasure was revealed to me 15 years later.

I thought that this invigorating awakening only happens indoors – in the bedroom. Unless you are some wild child and outdoors is your thing. Indoor or out, that’s what the fun is about.

Fast forwarding 15 years later and now knowing that you can have an orgasm while washing dishes. Other women in my meditation class admitted to having this experience while doing dishes. I wasn’t crazy! This does happen!

It is that easy. Really!! To be honest with you – I have a sink full of water. Who knew I would be so excited over my stack of dishes!



My point exactly. Don’t stampede over one another. Arrive alive. The kitchen awaits you.


The element of water has many healing properties. When we connect with water we find ourselves in a trance state. Our behaviors and state of mind effortlessly open to our fullest potential.  It is in our unconscious state of mind that we induce such a trance. You will feel this hypnotic state especially when in water. It grounds you. It leaves you light and airy. You feel good, soothed. You feel the release. Its quite powerful. The spirit of the water moves through you. Giving your inner goddess exactly what it needs. You may even find the answer to your question.

I do hope that you get to experience it one day. Its more than having your lady bits get a tickle and not by Mr. pickle.



Take some time today and elicit a trance.  A spiritual trance. Now, what are you waiting for- you have dishes to do!

Love and Blessings,



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  1. That was a great read Cin! Love it! I understand the weightlessness and calming appease of water. Although it may affect others differently, such as being on the water in a boat when it is glass like calm, give me the peace and relaxation needed to be in a moment. An Enchanted moment.

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