Carl…help momma!

Carl is fictitious character. Carl helped his mother in a time of desperation. We need to honor Carl and place gratitude towards him. As I am sure back in Carl’s day – there were many Carl’s who helped their momma.

When I say back in Carl’s day I mean just that – late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The time when women had no voice . Sadly, we still see it today throughout our globe. Women still have no voice. I assure you that I am not making light of this situation. I am a strong advocate and support those to use their voice. Your voice has every right to be heard.

Back in those times, women and their voices were stripped away at all costs. Not being able to express their  inner self. Their deepest desires and wishes.  They were to produce children by the truckload so their farms and standard of living would sustain them throughout their lifetime. I know this because when I see my grandmother and we have our tea date- we talk. We talk about the olden days. She tells me these stories similar to what I am telling you. I fall into an altered state of mind. Fascinated by what my ears are hearing.

Imagine you having 15 plus children. You were always in the bedroom.  I mean I have an active sex life but sometimes I am tired.  Back then, tired or not, spread the legs because baby number 12 will be conceived that day.

This is when Carl comes in. Carl is working on the farm alongside his 10 other siblings. The materials used were strong . Solid planks of wood, 2×4, you name it – It was used.


Carl knows that father is home. He knows not to go into the cabin. He can hear is momma muffle something out to the children. He says to his siblings,” Momma needs us. I can hear her say something”. The others look at him with blank stares. He can hear his mother again. He walks slowly to the cabin. He heard his momma loud and clear. She yelled out, “Carl, throw me one your your 2×4’s, I need to nail my lady bits shut”. Carl did not give her the nails and wood.  He came to her aid, supporting her and her voice.

It was that moment when momma shouted her deepest desires. She had enough. She felt liberated to say what she wanted to say. I encourage everyone women to shout out their desires. Even if you want your lady bits shut for the night. You have the right to say so.

no sex

I encourage you to use your voice. Find the courage to voice your desires, wishes, and outcomes that need to be heard. We all have our own battles. We all want peaceful victories but in order to achieve those victories -we must use our voice with love and pure intent. Educate others with your voice. People need to be taught, supported and embraced by their voices. I support you and your voice.

Stay Well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



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