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Hello friends,

I have not written a blog this past week. The main two reasons are:

1. I suffer from anxiety and was hit with a doze this past week. It is slowly lifting and thank goodness for that.

2. I haven’t stopped working.

Now that I have some time I wanted to emphasize on sending some light. Sending light onto yourself and others is a fantastic way to heal.

There has been a lot of dark forces this past week. I have been clearing them and helping others deal with the the energies from these dark forces.

Knowing that love and light is the highest form of energy. It will leave the dark/negative energy helpless once you tend to it with love and light. The darkness will find other avenues and targets.

Positive energy is a high vibration of energy and negative energy is a low vibration of energy. So when you feel the fear, the darkness anything associated with negative energy send light to it. Visualize a ball of white light and love- surrender it up and say, ” I surrender this for my highest and best”.

I am not sure about your week but my week had been a week of challenges. Challenges in sense of having to communicate with a loving heart. Some individuals who are closed minded need some light shed upon them and once they do , they will either resist it, or it will resonate with them. So, if you had a week of constant communication from your loving heart ( its not as easy as it sounds) you can easily be swept away in anger from the person who just cut you off in traffic. Stay centered and tell yourself, perhaps they need to be somewhere.  Release with love and light. Same applies to all your hard to deal with encounters.

With the full moon today – buckle up because I assure you that the energy fields from the moon effects individuals. Stay centered and in the light.

Fun fact: Did you know that the full moon brings on change? Yes, it does. If there has been chaos in your life and nothing is going as planned. The full moon will bring all those challenges to and end. Its as though your life is a puzzle piece and your puzzle has been thrown into the air. Once those puzzle pieces fall to the ground. It is a new day to put those pieces back together, but in a different way, than from before. Creating shift and change.

Same concept of the full moon applies to positive change. If all is well and you are happy, expect the full moon to intensify that love. Wonderful things will bring change to you by embracing new ideas and or creative outlets. Enjoy!

Oh yes, if you have crystals, this is the time you should put them outside or near the window and allow the full moon to recharge these crystals with new energy.

I hope you experience a shift and or change in your life. For most, change is hard, but with love and light. You have noting to fear.

Take time tonight and look the full moon. Feel the energy of the moon as it has so many wonderful blessings to offer. Be open to change.

Here are some images that I have captured of the full moon. If you click on the image it will enlarge.

moon3 moon4 moon5 moon6 moon7 moon1 moon2

Love and Blessings,



Images from: Cindy Santo Photography

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