My mom smokes me!

I will never forget when Isabel told her teacher ” my mom smokes me”. I looked at the teacher and agreed, ” I do smoke my children.”

However, the proper way of saying,” I smoke my children”  is by saying,  “I smudge my children.”

smudginThe main reason of smudging is to clear away any unwanted negative energies, spirits and or influences. You can smudge yourself, objects, homes, pets , plants the list is endless.  You clear negative / heavy energies from just about anything.

I smudge myself, children and our home regularly.  Especially if an argument has taken place. I want that energy to dissipate – to be gone. It no longer serves me any purpose.  By smudging my environment, it allows the negative energy to lift and renew with positive energy. You will feel the shift take place.

Smudging is a simple and powerful way to clear any negative energies from your energy field or area. It is a scared ceremony. We are asking the spirits of the four sacred plants to assistance us. We must pay proper respect to their individual healing powers. We also need to call in the four directions: North, South, East and West. This welcomes the ancestors of all four directions. In addition to the directions, we need to pay close attention to the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. When I conduct a ceremony of smudging, I will call for assistance by by calling in the four direction and pay respect to the elements.  I also thank as above so below. My loving heart is open ready to heal myself and or others in need.

Four Sacred Herbs/ Medicine

 1. Sage: sage

Natives use Sage is used in many different ways. The main usage of sage is to prepare people for ceremonies and teachings. Sage is more medicinal and stronger than sweet grass.  You can boil Sage and have it as a tea. Sage will release our troubled minds and restore positive energy. It is commonly used for cleansing homes and sacred items.

2. Sweet grass: 

sweet grass

Sweet grass is known as the sacred hair of Mother Earth. It has a sweet aroma. This aroma reminds people of how our earth mother provides us with her gentleness, love and kindness. Native people pick it and braid it into 3 strands representing: love, kindness and honesty. Sweet grass is also used for smudging and purification of the spirit. When Sweet grass is used for healing or in a talking circle it provides a calming effect. It is said that it attracts the good Spirit. I use sweet grass to call  Spirit of all four directions and have them assist me with my ceremonial smudges.

3. Cedar: 


 Like Sage and Sweet grass, Cedar is used to purify the home. It also has many restorative medicinal use. When mixed with sage for a tea, it cleans the body of all infections. Cedar baths are also very healing. When cedar is mixed with tobacco and is placed in a fire – it crackles. This is said to call the attention of the Spirits in which the offering that is being made. Cedar is used in sweat lodges and fasting ceremonies for protection. Cedar branches cover the floor of many sweat lodges and some people make a circle of cedar when they are fasting. It is a guardian spirit. It chases away the bad spirits.

4. Tobacco:


 Sacred tobacco is used to make smoke. It is one of the most sacred of plants for Native people. It is said to be the main activator of all plants. It was given to us so that we can communicate with the Spirit world and when you use it, all things begin to happen. Tobacco is always offered before picking of these medicines. When you offer tobacco to a plant and explain your reasons for being there. The plants will let all of the other plants in the area know what your intentions are and why you are picking them. Tobacco is used first as an offering in every ceremony. If you were to go to ceremonies you would offer tobacco to the Elder who is leading the ceremony. You would also give honoring gift. This announces your intention and the Elders may ask you of your intentions with this offering.

I hope this has helped you understand the power that lies behind the four sacred medicines. If you need additional information please contact me. I do offer in home smudging. Prices do vary depending on the size of your home. If you are interested in a sacred smudge you can find my contact information under ” contact”. I would be more than happy to assist you.

Stay Well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



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