” ahhh…suck a tit”

You see, back in the day- I am talking high school days. I came up with some slang of my own. One of the best ones which are still used among my family and friends are: “Suck a tit and shitballs”. Both phrases mean either one or all = damn, shit, or piss off . Depending on how you use them.  I used both phrases today and  loved saying them with own unique tone, voice inflection and sound effects.

I have been facing some karmatic debt and I know exactly from what and when. What I did early on this week was not of purest intent. I surrendered knowing that I accept the karmatic debt that will bestow upon my devious acts. ( calm down people- it wasn’t a horrific act but I was fully aware of my actions and knew that energy  would complete itself) It is the boomerang effect- What you put out always come back and sometimes tenfold. Well, I knew exactly what I put out and  I am completely aware of my actions. It was just a matter of time.

“The time has come my child- you must reap what you have sown.” ahhh…shitballs!


Its all good! I am not perfect. I make mistakes too. That is the whole point of growing and learning. For those who might judge me- ” Suck a tit”.

These all happened today- It always comes in 3  

Situation #1: 

Trouble in paradise. Yes, most of you parents out there will understand the joys of working with teachers who are not so easy to work with. Especially when they accuse your child of selfish acts. They misunderstand the situation only because there was not a fair chance in allowing both sides of the story to be told.

They choose the other story. Believe it. End of story.

Well in my story,  momma bear   momma bear    Santo  will rip and tear the flesh of anyone who hurts my cubs. Don’t even think in my story you will survive once I am through with all the shitball, bullshit  bureaucracy. Momma is a beast! The sad part of it all is that its Kindergarten – Seriously!!?? ” SUCK a TIT Lady”. I said this in my head and my eyes must of lit up because it felt as though I said it out loud. Once I got the” suck a tit” out verbally in my mind.  I made a peaceful resolution with the teacher. Although, she disregarded the facts in support of my daughters side of the story. I told her Isabel’s side and she agreed with me. I will still follow up with an email to the principal and perhaps call a meeting. In the meantime, I  blessed her with my loving heart and we move onward.

Situation #2:

“Where the hell is it?”

“I am going to lose it soon!”

“Nope, not there.” ” Not there either.” ” Holy shitballs, sucking all tits where the freak is it?”

Can you guess what I misplaced? Yes, my debit card. I had no means of currency. How lovely. I am in line planning to  buy a coffee and this happens to me. I was at a busy GTA College where all the hipsters carried on in their vibrant ways. I start to sweat. My tits especially. Have you seen the size of my boobs? You would sweat just having one glance at them, let alone having them attached to you.  I look at the barista and start to say,” I can’t seem to find my debit card, I am sorry.” So the barista looks at me and says,” that sucks” and I say, ” Yeah, like sucking a tit sucks.”

Situation #3:

Oh Yeah baby!! I saved the best for last. I am driving home on the 401 West and having to take the Allen South to arrive at my awaited destination. I was looking forward to this day for months. It was my day of pampering.  I had an appointment to have my hair colored and cut at Techniques Hair Studio Inc. www.techniqueshairstudioinc.com

As I am driving, I smell smoke. I see smoke. Holy shitballs!! it is coming from my van. I pull over on the Allen and if you know the city, then you know city drivers are NUTS! They don’t care. They don’t slow down. They honk because you are helpless. Thanks!

I called Peter. He was concerned but I assured him I was okay. I called my mom and spoke with her until CAA arrived. I remember telling her my actions earlier on that week and said to her, ” Mom this is what karma is, this is how energy works”  She understood and felt bad for me.I told her not to feel bad for me. I put it out there. I must be open to receive.  I knew the universe was giving back. I am okay with that. You see, you never know how or when you will receive your karmatic debts but they do come in a variety of ways as you can clearly see here.

Luckily, I have CAA and they came to my rescue. Once we got the van on the bed of the tow, off we went back to the west end of the city. As we drove, the driver, Seyed and I started to talk. All these things had happened to me throughout the day and can you believe I was at peace. He looked at me and said, ” You know, I have been in this business for 20 years and when I saw you because you meet all kinds of crazy people.” He continued to say, ” I saw you and you had this glow. This warm presence with a very nice smile , you looked so positive.”  He then said, ” I was thinking to myself as I was walking towards you that this lady is a good person.” When he said that, my heart instantly became warm. I said, ” Seyed, I needed to hear that-  and thank you for your kind words, I couldn’t agree with you more”.  Seyed, if you ever come across this blog, know that you are very wise, kind soul and I was very happy to have met you today.

So the damage on the van- $800 later. My radiator blew along with the thermostat. HOLY SHITBALLS!!!! I guess I will be sucking my own tits – not for the milk but for the hopes of moola.

So the karma that I felt from all this was: saddness( and a variety of emotions)  monetary value, and a clear understanding of not messing with the universe and its energy. It will slap your tits to the point of no return.

Be good to yourself and onto others.

Love and Blessings,




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