Have some fun today!


First off, I am so sorry that I have not been able to write.  You see, I am moving to Nova Scotia in May and so our lives are a tad busy. I miss writing and have so many wonderful ideas to write but finding the time is very difficult and so I thought I would write a quick note to you all.

It is now 6:16 am. My children are fast asleep. I just sent my husband off to work and thought to myself, go and say a little something. Go and inspire someone today and so my gift to you is…



You are powerful when you speak your truth.


Don’t be afraid to use your voice.


Take a moment to breathe and experience the magic that surrounds you.


Most importantly, laugh – oh my goodness laugh.


If anything, laugh at me. I don’t mind one bit.

Laugh at this:

I was in the kitchen with my husband watching him make his morning coffee. Knowing I had $15.00 in my purse I thought I would offer it to him.

I said, “Do you want the  money honey I have or  not”?

He said, “That would be nice”.

“You will need to work for it”. I said in a fun voice.

 “Come on  baby, let me see those moves”.  As I started to chant with encouragement.

In my mind we were no longer our kitchen yet in a strip club and he was dancing before me. My seductive tone was setting the mood.

My husband did not move anything remotely close to how then men in Magic Mike moved. If he did, I would be set for the day!

I would of had my orgasm right there in the kitchen. GOOD MORNING Y’all!!

“Yeah, show me”. I had the money in my hands, waving it, swaying my hips, trying to get him in the moment. Trying to have a good laugh.

He started to dance, he got into it saying, “You like it, don’t you baby”.

The first $5 bill was placed inside his work coat. Slowly making my way down to his southern region; I glided the two other bills as they gently stroked across his penis. I declared to him with all my being by saying:

“You Magic parts are worth more, but this is all I got”

We laughed and I handed over the money.


Have a fun, powerful day ahead!

Love, Cindy


All images are taken from: http://www.google.ca