assume1 You said it Kermy.


When we assume in singular form we look like this:


When we assume in plural form we look like this:       donkey2


Do not fret, we have all been asses from time to time. Yes, even moi.

Do I get my donkey tail all tied in a knot? Nope. I make mistakes too.


I like to call mistakes – ‘opportunities’.


When you do not realize your opportunity from the assumption(s) you have made- you are 100% an ass.


However, when you do recognize your assumption(s)as learning opportunities , you have graduated from ass to



We all make mistakes which in turn are opportunities


 Plant it   =   opportunity


Or die = relearn



growReplant + Relearn = more opportunities and so on..


Sometimes our opportunities are endless. Repeating themselves over and over again and that’s okay.

I know my opportunities presented themselves countless times but I eventually grew and honoured my opportunities – each and every one.


By being open to it . Self- reflection and Self- awareness ; most importantly, being gentle with myself.  Learning new opportunities take time and work.

Often times, I see closed minded individuals and that can be a dangerous slope -for both parties.

For me: the one trying to provide new perspectives and insights.

For the other:  the one(s) who are determined to keep the mind closed; rejecting new insights and opportunities for growth.closed-minds

What do I do? I stay in the moment. I am gentle with me and with you.       ( whomever you are). Trust me, there are a lot of you.

I often reflect back and I see the seeds I have planted. The seeds from my own opportunities and from the seeds that I planted for others and their opportunities.

We all grow5


Some of us faster than others.grwoth


Some of us more colourful than others.


 Whether you are the gardener for yourself or for others… grwoth4


With love and light,



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