Should I?? Hell YES — I Totally Should!!

So, this may come as a surprise to most of you (or not), but as I am composing this entry, my ginormous breasts are resting in my hands; I’m holding them while sweating because they are at least 15lbs each, equaling a good 30lbs of luscious beasts.  I cup and bounce them up and down while thinking (knowing??) how funny I really am!  Sometimes (most times) they are a source of comedic inspiration for me, my two voluptuous muses, if you will…


       My husband gets a lot of boob action, I will usually flash him at any given time.  This morning I woke up early with him at 5am to see him off to work for 5:45 — I’m a good wifey that way!  So we set off outside and I give him a kiss goodbye.  I follow him to his truck, he gets in and I stand there with the lights beaming on me.  I feel alive in the early morning; the night sky is slowly shifting to a bright new day.

boobs truck lights

       I take my stance, both feet firmly planted on the ground, holding down the force that is about to be released.  He looks at me with admiration through the windshield, thinking, “look at my beautiful wife.”  I look back at him, take hold of my shirt and ¡¡¡YOWZA!!!  There they were, whipped out fancy and free; my nipples winking back and at him through the morning air.  He was happy but worried at the same time.  I saw the love in his eyes with these majestic melons suddenly before him quickly turn to apprehension as he looked all around to make sure we were totally alone during this random “teet show.”  I have to be selective when doing this to send him off as he would become too comfortable having his morning coffee with a dash of titty flash — he doesn’t need THAT much caffeine every day!!

boobs and coffee

       I used to be a careless flasher, never caring where, when or to whom I would flash.  Nowadays I am more careful, meaning I only flash people I know.  Most times they look like they are stunned or in shock because my boobs are so big and beautiful.  I never fail to get a good laugh though — for some reason my tits are just funny!  Or, it’s just me… either way we make a lethal combo…

       Please don’t judge and if you do, I really don’t give two big titty f**ks!

       Back in my youth I loved flashing strangers on the highway.  While traveling at such high speeds, those who caught a look must have mistaken it for something else.  One time in particular, I was traveling with my bestie Kim — we were in our early twenties and those are the times you feel the most invincible…

       Cruising along, we noticed a car full of strapping young men and Kim brought it to my attention that their license plate was from British Columbia.  So, I instantly said, “We must properly welcome them into Ontario,” and the best way I could think to do that was with a good ol’ titty flash.  It was a total team effort!  As I was preparing booby one and booby two to get ready, whispering to them, “we got this girls,” Kim was writing on a piece of paper, ‘WELCOME TO ONTARIO’ — once the last letter was inked onto the page, the girls were unleashed…


       I felt like a supermodel; wind at my face, blowing through my hair, my boobs out for all to see… we laughed so hard that I think I might have peed a bit!  Kim was laughing especially hard and then it happened, SNAP!!!  Yep, a picture was taken of this wild beast happily hanging out the window, bare-breasted, captured for all-time on film for the BC boys to remember their journey to Ontario — if that isn’t a warm, friendly and legal Ontarian welcome, I’m not sure what is, ha!

       This post is not meant to encourage women to bare down and flash.  No, let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone.  But for me, it’s liberating and fun… and most importantly, comedic.  It’s not so much the joke (the “flash”), but the reaction, both from the ones in on the flash and the flashee’s — the shock value, that’s where the comedy gold is with this material.  But remember, now I am very selective with who, where and when I flash, so, don’t get your hopes up!  Don’t be thinking when you see me that my tits will be in your face… no, not going to happen… or, maybe it will… just sayin’…


       It all comes down to the humour of it all, which brings me to the point of this entry:  comedy.  I have always been the funny one, the girl who everyone says, “Oh, you’re soooooo funny!!” Yes, yes I am, thank you, I honestly don’t try to be! It comes naturally and I feel it’s been given to me, like it’s my gift — and I like to use it to produce laughter which encompasses healing.  I have been fighting the good fight throughout my life as I’m sure you all have too and I find and have found humour in my most sensitive of times.  Some think it’s wrong to laugh in these instances but we all have the same experiences, just different stories, it’s all relative.  I try to add a little Sindy flare to try and make my stories come alive to heal a part of both you and me, so, it’s win-win.?

win win

       Well, I must be signing off now, My boobs are starting to itch and want to be free — my husband will be home soon, it may be time for a little afternoon delight.?

titty titty bang bang2

With love and admiration for B(o)(o)bs,


Special Thanks goes to My Friend and Editor, D.M.S



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