It was a late Friday evening and the room was quiet. The soft hue of light showcased his face; his mind was clearly in overdrive.



His native tongue spoke his truth. His troubled mind releasing the complexity of it all. He feels comfortable with me to dig deep. He trusts me when I say, “We must go within and target those feelings.”

Honouring ‘our junk’ which is placed deep within. Learning how to cut the cord and release what does not serve us well. Doing this task while keeping in mind that we must be gentle with the process.

It sounds easy peasy – But It Is Not.

junk within

I honour my role as a healer and have the privilege to be surrounded by such amazing teachers, mentors and my own team of spirit guides who assist me, allowing me to guide others on their path.


He puts his hands to his side and exhales a deep breath. I can feel the heaviness of his energy. It wraps me like a winter shall. I am hugged by it. The weight sinks deep onto my shoulders, down the core of my spine and out through the bottoms of my feet.

I am grounded.groudned1

He is not.




He is exhausted. I can see his aura. It is dense and dark. Not because he doesn’t have great aura but because his energy field is so depleted. sludge

He expresses that he is selfless. This I know to be true.

His Heart Is Gold.

heart of gold

He is always there for others. He is always offering his gentle hand to help anyone in need. He leads with his heart and gives fully with his soul. He continues to dig deep. I assist him. I tell him he needs to say, “NO.”


” I Can’t.” He whispered.

“You Must.” I replied.

In the beginning, it is hard to say NO. Especially when you are selfless and give fully. It is fine to give but when your energy becomes depleted because you are giving too much to others and nothing to yourself. This is harmful for your energy field.

There are some who do appreciate you and then there are others who do not. *Shame on those who do not – they lack emotional intelligence*


You give, give, give and in return you do not receive. There needs to be an exchange in energy, if not, it will suck you bone dry. Leaving you feeling exhausted and run down. Exactly how my friend who sat before me was feeling.

Say, “NO!”


It rolled off my tongue with ease when I told him to start saying NO. I know this all too well. I have empathy and sympathy for him. I too am a selfless person but with my own cord cut and release; I learned to give 90% to me and 10% to others.

I was no longer a dried up pruneimages (60) but a juicy fine fruit.juice drip

I was told by my Reiki Master to say, “NO.” The first time you say NO feels so strange but once you utter the N  and then the O. You become electrified –  a powerful surge of energy rushing to your center core. You are balanced. You are gentle with yourself. I sit here and suddenly Meghan Trainor song pops in my

I am not saying to stop offering a helping hand, please do help others but understand the exchange of energy must be balanced. When you help others,set your price/ intention. It does not have to be in monetary value although that is a fine way to exchange energy.

Exchanges come in many different forms: an arrangement of flowers, homemade dinners, wine, beer, a hug, gift cards, a homemade crafts, exchange in services among one another.

 I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine.

 images Be sure to always get your scratch.

If you feel that it will not serve you well.

Don’t Do It.

Say, “NO.”


We continued to dig deeper, he said, “It would be nice to have some recognition of my efforts.”

I looked at him and said, “Then ask for it.”

State your intention. Love It. Honor It. Feel it. Allow your purest self to want it. Don’t let fear void it. You want others to recognize your efforts state it and state your time. These are the tools I left with him on our Friday evening together.

Picture 044

Jumping forward to our Sunday evening when we connected again he told me that he received a text from a friend who expressed his love and gratitude for all this efforts he had done. His friend explained that his life had become busy but he felt that he needed to send out this message to him. His friend told him that he was so grateful for all his hard work and how he will always remember what he had done for him.

I asked him, “How did that make you feel?” He smiled so brightly and said, “It felt so great and I wasn’t excepting the text but it really made my day!!”

His energy had been electrified by one act of exchange. Law of attraction. He put it out on the Friday while we were together and by Saturday he received his intention.


I say NO to a lot of things but when it comes to laughter and comedy I say YES to that. I am a healer but most importantly a comedian in my own twisted style. I always leave my family and friends with a belly full of laughs.


Laughter for me is healing,  a very special kind of healing. Along with mother nature and her stunning beauty. I try to combine all these elements into one tasteful palate.


So… start saying NO to things that do not serve you well and start saying YES to new energy that will give you exactly what you need.index

Love and Light,



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