ZAP – feel the light, feel the love.

When was the last time you were zapped?

and by zap~ I do not mean this


Or by this


Our beautiful starlight which gives us a different kind of zap.

 But the ZAP I am talking about is by this


A love connection~  from the hearts of others

You can’t help but feel all your cellular molecules reacting and zapping inside your body with just one interaction. These individuals are placed in your path to give you the zap you need. It comes in offset times as it should.

Here is my story:

I was feeling frustrated and weighted down by the pressures of my day. I was feeling grey, as my soul was slowly sinking into depletion. I was sitting in Canadian Tire waiting for my  car to be serviced. I was told an hour and yet is was going on two. I  had become fidgety and impatient like a toddler in a doctors office. I found myself looking at the clock noticing the time had stood still. I thought to myself, could this be possible? Sure!! Why the hell not. I mean doesn’t time slow down especially when you are in places that you do not want to be. It feels like eternity! You look at the clock and nope – still the same time.

Shit!! Is this clock even working!?


“It is not the clock but you Daniel Son that must learn to be patient”.

Karate Kid

I noticed a woman sitting across from me. I felt her energy as though she wanted to say something to me. I looked in her direction and our eyes met. She said,” You are frustrated!”, I agreed. She went on to say that it is days like these she enjoys and tries to stay in the moment~ trusting the process. I thought to myself – really!!?? but I nodded my head politely offering my acknowledgment.

I wasn’t open to having this conversation but I took what she said and  I did trust the process and I was determined to stay in the moment. I am glad I had listened to her because she gave me the ZAP I needed.

An hour had passed and my car was  parked outside ready for me to grab the keys and go. I wasn’t in any rush. I was at peace. I was getting the light I needed. She inspired me. She taught me new insights. While talking we laughed as we both shared authentic stories. We were travelling different paths yet very similar passions and strengths. She zapped my energy in a way that left me feeling inspired  and reconnected to myself. It may sound crazy but it was the same feeling when you feel like you are on cloud 9. The airy glow of rejuvenation. When I lifted from my seat I no longer felt grey and gloomy as I did when I had arrived. my beautiful friends. I felt alive and golden and it was the best feeling.

heart connections

When was the last time you were zapped? Take note of the next time you get a heart connection providing you with the feeling of ” awe” when you leave the presence of a stranger or someone you know. I truly believe they are placed here to charge us when our light becomes drained.

Go out and get your zap today!   **sounds like a cereal commercial**


Stay Well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



All Images are from:

Isabel Santo – photo credit: Cindy Santo

Sunrise photo – photo credit: Cindy Santo