A matter of the heart.

It’s okay to letting go  let go of emotional ties from your heart.


angry heart

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When your heart feels resentful, angry, broken and cheated you are left with singing Billy Ray Cyrus, “Achy breaky heart”. Sing away!! Let your heart sing!

This blog post came to me because a close friend of mine has been struggling with a matter of her heart. As I sat and listened closely to her I connected with her heart and in the stillness of my heart I saw the process of her healing and letting go. I felt her pain and frustrations. It is not a great feeling to have especially when you heart is going through the phases of healing and letting go. It takes work to let go of what does not serve your heart well.

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The act of forgiveness is very hard for most to do. The reason for this is you must feel everything and with pure intentions surrender it over for your highest and best. Letting go by being gentle with your wounded heart. Knowing the anchor which weighs heavily on your heart must be cut loose to find inner peace and strength. Allowing your heart to move forward in harmony.


Painful hearts =  an aging heart.  aging

Letting go =  a forever young heart.images (5)

When supporting my friend it brought me back to my heart and how I healed. I told her I had to feel everything and let go of what did not serve me well. There were years of struggle as the feelings would appear again and again. It would rip at my heart until I had an “aha moment”. My day of awakening; my heart was forever healed. I was able to let go of the pain the person had caused but not the person. When we are gentle with ourselves and knowing the difference- your heart is healed and happy. I assured my friend that once you feel it and see it~you can release it.

Our hearts are loving and we love so much that they are meant to hurt from time to time.

When your heart aches from a loss to separation, divorce, a breakup. It Will Hurt. It Will Be Angry but it will HEAL. You allow yourself to feel that loss but at the same time cherish the love you once had for that person.This will forever remain locked away in your heart and shall stay there not in the foreground but yet the background. When you discover this, you will gain more wisdom than most.

I feel that when we resist the more it will persist. Honor your heart as this person was placed in your path for a reason and they will remain part of your heart because they were part of your journey. They were placed before you providing you with teachings you were meant to be taught and often times they give us blessings that we cherish forever.

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I have loved my Ex’s and Oh’s and they remain in the background of my heart because I was loved by them and they were loved by me. They were part of my life’s journey and were placed before me at specific times in my life. Call me crazy but I am thankful for my Ex’s and Oh’s. I have learned so much from them. They taught me well and I am most grateful for them because they led me to my husband who I adore. My husband is aware of my Ex’s and Oh’s because there is nothing to be ashamed of. When you can openly speak of your Ex’s and Oh’s and not have a sting stabbing your heart, you are healed from their pain. My husband has his own Ex’s and Oh’s and because of his lessons that he had learned on his journey allowed us to walk right into each other. Bringing us together in perfect harmony. So…think of your Ex’s and Oh’s as a step in the right direction. 

From my muddy waters I have grown just as this beautiful lotus flower has grown from its muddy waters.


Did you know that lotus flowers grow from muddy waters? Lotus flowers are submerged in muddy waters. When they emerge from the muddy waters lotus flowers bloom into beautiful array of colors. Each lotus has their own significant spiritual meaning. When we look into our own lotus’s ( hearts) we are submerged into our muddy waters ( sufferings) and once we heal we emerge( new beginnings and rebirth) blooming into beautiful lotus flowers. Which color comes to mind when you envision your lotus flower?




Now when it comes to losing a loved one our hearts will ache. Depending on our situation from the ones we lost; letting go of what does not serve us well will benefit our hearts. What I mean by this is letting go of “the buts”, “the could have”,  “the should have, ” the would have”, “the why didn’t I”. Know that you did enough and that it is enough at its best.

Heal from the coulda, shoulda, woulda and move forward. You heart will be happy that you did. Be gentle with yourself as you let go. 

angel heart

The love we have for our lost ones will remain deep in the core center of our hearts. They stay gently guarded, loved and appreciated each day.


I wish the matters of your hearts well. I hope that you are gentle with your hearts and may your lotus flower bloom into a new and healed awakenings.


Stay Well, Stay Centered, Stay Balanced.



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