Sex in a marriage- how can that be?

I have some time to spare and as I was sitting on the couch with my coffee in hand I thought about sex. I then started to rhyme as I often like to do. I came up with this poem in 15 minutes flat laughing along as I wrote it.  Perhaps I am feeling horny – who knows. It’s creative writing and expression at will. So have a read and maybe by the end you will be tempted to thrill.

Sex in a marriage how can that be

Lean in closer and listen carefully

Does it matter if the kids are awake or sleeping quietly

Nope not for me

Take your partners hand and move it gently

To the areas that you want them to be tentatively

Once the hands are placed you must then kiss tenderly

Knowing that everything feels so wonderfully

The heat and breathing become more aggressively

Amazed by how you are placed aerobically

Looking into each other’s eyes feeling adorably

Not to mention very adventurously

Sex in a marriage is a must you see

You can do it effortlessly

Whether oral, anal or vaginally

We all like it differently

Sex in a marriage keeps me happily

Most times its hilariously

To sneak away to places that are tightly

Sex in a marriage how can that be

Easy and effortlessly

Daily, nightly,weekly and even monthly

Sex in a marriage how can that be

Ready to receive passionately

So off you go and have trust in me

Sex in a marriage is so magically





Stay Well, Stay Centered, Stay Balanced,



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