What’s your story…

We all have a story to tell. A story that encompasses our entire existence. A story to educate others with. A story to change ones perspective of self and of others. A story that will touch the hearts of others. A story that will cause rage in others. A story that will leave you in miracle disbelief. A story that will kiss your heart.

Regardless of your story – It is yours. Your story holds wealth in which no currency can buy.

Cherish your own story and the stories you hear…


A Rich story.

rich story

A true story.


A fabricated story.


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Painful Story.


A Heroic and courageous Story.



 A tragic story.terrible

A funny story.


A sad story.


A love story.

love story



  A hateful story.hate

A faithful story.


A beautiful story.


A silent Story.

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A victorious story.


A magical story.


A healing story.


An inspirational story.


A miraculous story.


Stories are part of our existence and has been since the beginning of time. Our Indigenous community and ancestors shared sacred teachings by story telling. Jesus preached his stories through his love and his words which resonated among the ears of his listeners. Ancient Gods and Ascended Masters told stories so magical leaving those among them in much disbelief. Stories have been repeated and passed through sacred tradition in different forms; allowing our emotions to expand into our greater existence. We will feel, cry, believe, disbelieve, but most of all we will learn from our own stories and from stories told by others.

I love stories and yes even painful stories. Painful stories opens my heart by feeling and inspiring me to help be the change that the world needs. Each story holds its truth, a truth that has deep roots and structures that are complicated yet full of richness. Every story has its own power and beauty and has a right to be heard. Sadly a lot of stories remain silent and are never heard not by choice of the individual but by political power. The hierarchy of powerhouse rulers who feel the need to keep the light of truth in the depth of darkness and despair.


Most nights and I say most because there are nights where I am so damn tired. The tired night story goes like this: ” There once was a pretty mommy, she is so pretty because she gets lots of sleep and so it is time for your mommy to do just that – Goodnight.” Story is done.beauty sleep

On the other nights I get right into it. Sometimes I use English accents and voice animation. I love to see their faces become so bright-eyed and hanging on to each word I say. My stories are a combination of magical enchanted creative creatures mixed with truth from my childhood or daily events.  I usually start with an enchanted forest as my setting.

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In my forest we have magical creatures and fairies that flutter freely and effortlessly. I narrate along and encourage my kids to take on a character allowing them to have free play in the story. Our stories are funny which encompasses love and sometimes our stories are sad which encompasses compassion.  My kids have fun as they narrate their story and unbeknownst to them I plant my seeds of morals and values into their beautiful minds. I know that as they grow so will those seeds placed within.

Woman planting valentine heart seeds in rich soil. Message of hope to grow and spread love.seed of loveThere are times when stories remain silent because if the story is to be announced for all to hear it will cause great chaos. Chaos in which higher levels of  governing society will not see it through and so many stories remain silent.silent


When silent stories are announced higher levels of governing society know when to place scandals in our media outlets deflecting our attention to garbage rather than to the out most richness of truth and amazing breakthrough.

scandal1 scandal3


What’s your story? – allow your story to resonate into the ears of others. Give the gift of your voice to educate and inform, to create laughter and tears, to reach deeper meanings and inspirations – to create change.


Tell your story today.

whts your story


Love and Blessings,




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