We all bleed Red…

This is a very powerful message that I place before you today. We face it everyday in our world and I hope that one day we will see each other as one.

 “We have different shades of skin but we all bleed the shade of RED


We might not have to like everyone we meet regardless of their racial background but we do need to respect one another.


We all walk this earth together, sharing and caring for her. We need to learn to care for one another a little more than we did the day before.

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 DIFFERENT2images     CulturesBy opening your mind and allowing to see the hearts of people in all cultures and races you will open your heart to new teachings.

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I feel blessed to work with such a diversity of individuals each day. I don’t see the difference but yet the sameness. I see the hearts in those I meet. Some are hard and some are soft. Some are cold and some are not. Some come from love and some do not. Some are kind and some are not. Some have faith and some do not. Some are healthy and some are not. Some have disabilities and some do not.

But… we have one thing very much the same. My heart, your heart, their heart,

Our heart.


Our hearts give us life, allowing us to love and grow each day.To accept the difference of others in a loving way. Stay connected, respectful and come from a loving heart- do your part. You send off an energy that will open the hearts of others. You can’t see the energy but you can definitely feel it.

Come from love today and see what lies under the shade of ones skin.

red blood

Stay Well. Stay Balanced. Stay Centered.

Love and Blessings,



All images are from: www.goggle.ca