My very own batman voice…

It was a lovely morning. I could hear the robins chirping their own sweet melodies.

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I felt fresh and alive. I gave myself five extra minutes to lie quietly before releasing my morning pee. It was 7:05 am. The  kids would soon come crashing into our bed for their weekend snuggles. Their sweet faces held close to ours. We give them endless kisses and hugs as we all greet the morning light.

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Tickles and giggles is the perfect start of our day. I looked at my family placed before me and opened my heart to this fine day. I was feeling blessed and extremely Boss beautiful.

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 Little did I know that my perfect morning would turn into an ugly day within hours upon awakening.

I should of stayed in bed…

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It was around 11:00 am and I decided to take both kids to Marshalls. I wanted to see if I could score a  sweet top on clearance ( I always score sweet clothes on clearance).

We arrive at the store and in the van we review the rules.

1. Stay close to mommy.

2. Walking. NO running.

3. Don’t touch anything.

Isabel asked me if they can walk over to see the toys and because both her and Jacob were in my sight line I said yes. Mommy is right here and I can see you. As I quickly sifted through the clearance items with one eye on the clothes and the other eye on the kids my head instantly started to hurt. The pain started, it was deep in my eye sockets. I looked something very similar to this.

images (91)Thirty seconds of clearance shopping was enough for me. I headed to the toy section. I noticed a young boy there. He took well to Jacob as they browsed the toy area together.I asked him his name and he told me it was Eli. I love the name Eli. It was actually my only pick in naming our son but in the end we decided Jacob would be his name.

As Eli and Jacob looked at Spider Man. Isabel and I looked at the dolls. I heard Eli say to Jacob ” lets run- you’re it” and within a split second Jacob ran from my reach. I said in a store voice ” Jacob, no running please! come here.”  Jacob stopped. I said, ” What are the rules?” my son looked at me and in a flash he was off to find the boy who he now had to chase.

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The rules did not apply because fun did.

Oh was I feeling ugly. The rage instantly appeared and my hands were ready for ripping- ripping of his face. I held my shopping cart tight. I think I might have bent the handle with my hulk grip.

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Isabel hurried along side me. She had something in her hand. I did not know what it was but trust me- she made herself clear as to what it was when her meltdown surfaced just moments after I snatched my son in my arms.

Before the sneak attack snatch. I saw Eli hiding and waiting for Jacob to catch him. I said, “Where is Jacob? He is not allowed to run in any stores.”  They literally ran the perimeter of the store. Just then, I saw his small blonde head bouncing from the women’s clothing rack. Jacob could not see me but with my fierce lion eyes – I saw him.

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His movements were increasing in speed as he made a quick right. I came out from the left – just where I wanted him. He was my prey and being the Leo lion that I am, I scooped him into my arms. He would not escape from this fierce grip. Isabel started to cry and all of a sudden I felt a feeling that was deep within a transformation of some sort. Yes, it was batman who channeled through me and I sounded like this:

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**I struggled to figure out how this would link directly onto this post – via youtube. My frustration increased daily which resulted in keeping it as is until I get more swanky with the techs it will be as such.**

With one child in a football hold and the other grasped tightly in my hand we left the store in a reasonable fashion. I had them safely into our vehicle and from there I could not promise whether or not they were longer safe.

I was still in my batman character and my voice was like perfection. A real life batman I must add. I felt it was a good tone for me especially in this particular situation. I know I am a superhero. I know a lot of moms who are also superheros but we need to be the villain at times. We need to get our point across. Casting fear into our little people. They must know that the line ends here and a fine line it is.

I would say to Jacob,” you’re walking on a fine line boy!”fineline

With discipline and taking advantage of these incredible teaching moments makes all the difference in the world. Jacob wanted to come shopping with us but yet I drove him back home. I told him once we got home he was to be in his room and daddy will take care of him while Isabel and I went shopping. This crushed his world.

I followed through by being consistent and when I arrived back home from shopping  I spoke with Jacob offering him the teachings. There are always good moments to throw in a good teaching. Jacob needs to be aware of his actions and the reactions that will follow. Don’t ever underestimate young children and their intelligence. They are wiser than we think.

Parenting isn’t easy but when you are consistent it makes your life that much easier. Especially when you have fun by utilizing your batman voice. May the voice/ force be with you.images (96)


Love and Blessings,



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