When it Rains, it pours.

We have all heard this at some point in our lives.

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 I believe in both: negative pours and positive pours.

We attach this saying,” When it rains, it pours” to our negative obstacles. Obstacles that pour down; each having a unique destructive strength. It seems as though the more obstacles the greater the force.They intensify. They multiple. They hit you when you are down and out.

The “pours” feels like a strong gust of wind slapping you across your face.

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Each gust has its own power, its own force, its own teaching. We say to ourselves,” Enough!”

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The pouring wind slaps to your face are part of your journey. Some slaps are to wake you up and other slaps are to teach what you have yet to learn from last months slap.

Not to fret, I have been slapped many times in my journey. My slaps have subsided but I do recall some good beatings from my past. From time to time I do get hit with a good “pour” but not like before. I learned to open my heart and consciousness.

The results: I learned. I was able to see the teachings behind all of my beatings.

Sometimes it feels like the down pour is on you alone. You look around to discover that everyone else is dry and yet you are sitting under a spout of pure hell. Wipe your eyes, too much water has blurred your vision. Others may look dry but they have their own pours of hell from time to time.

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 In my life, I have faced obstacles. Just as you face yours. Are they the same? Maybe some. Are they different? Maybe some. Regardless, we have all faced them and will continue to face more as we walk along our paths. Again, we are on earth school. Learning and growing each day.

WHEN it rains, it pours – Positive


Now, on the flip side. A more positive note. I do believe that when it rains, it pours – good positive pours. Not wind slaps but a soft gentle breeze that caress our face.

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We find that our lives are in divine order. Gifts and blessings are showered upon us. Allowing our hearts to openly receive. We skip along on our merry day, feeling joyful and loved. We thank God for our blessings and our gifts that are given to us.

You can’t help but feel the warmth that is accompanied by good pours.

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We all get pours, some are harsh and others are soft. When you find yourself in your own pour whether it is a negative pour or a positive pour – find peace within it.

Again, it is not as easy as it sounds. You are saying to yourself, “Sure Cindy! My life is in total chaos!! Where is the peace?”

Yes, I agree, it is difficult to see the light when Mr. Dark cloud has you tight in his grip.

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I have been there my dear friends. I have been held by Mr.Dark cloud. I did not know the answers, I could not not see the light from these down pours.

I have been soaked by my negative pours, obstacles, darkness, doubt and fear.

I have also been drenched by my positive pours, gifts, miracles, blessings and love.

I feel that both pours provide us with the balance in which we need.

Hey, your sun can’t shine unless your storm has passed.

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The negative pours allow us to go in and fix what needs to be fixed; bringing us back to where we need to be.

The positive shows us that we are all worthy of positive pours which encourage us to stay healthy in our minds and hearts.

When it rains and pours for you in a negative way don’t look at your life and say, “poor me” look at it and find peace in your struggles. Find what needs to change. When the wind slaps and gusting rains wash away.Your clouds will part open and so will your troubles.

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When it rains and pours for you in a positive way do look at your life and say, ” more me” look at what is placed before you and continue to be blessed with your open and loving heart.

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With all this talking of pours. The only thing I need to do is pour myself a nice drink.  tumblr_mxup8eNjDE1sykc1to1_500

Stay Well. Stay Centered. Stay Balanced.

Love and Blessings,



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