LOVE – It’s that simple.

love yourself                          Love yourself.

images (65)                         Love others.


images (66)               Love our Earth Mother.



When we come from love we are very powerful beings. So come from love today.

Take hold of your authentic power.

What is authentic power? How can you obtain authentic power?

Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul. ( Gary Zukav, pg. 29 The Heart of the Soul.)

Authentic power seems simple enough but think again. It takes some time.It takes quite a bit of healing and love to gain authentic power. I am still on the road of learning and taking hold of my authentic power. Gary Zukav author of The Heart of the Soul and The Seat of the Soul, refers to “Earth School”. It makes so much sense as we are all here together to learn and grow. Which we do each given day. I know I always learn each new day.

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In growing comes healing from a variety of emotions. The one I face the most is fear. It comes and it goes but when it comes it attaches itself. A Broadway production only I can appreciate.

For example: When I come from fear it usually comes from not having enough financial flow. Working as a freelance ASL Interpreter, it can either be feast of famine. Most of my colleagues know this wave all to well. The waves of  inconsistency triggers the fear of not having enough. Not being good enough. Not providing enough.

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I become my worst enemy. Why didn’t I become the teacher I have always dreamed of becoming? Why can’t I find something more consistent? Why? Why? and  the Broadway production goes on and on.The blame game of why this and why that take over. In turn, it triggers fear- which triggers anger  -which triggers the root of pain that is deep within.

Fear oh fear. You have my attention -my dear

You see me down and out

You laugh on, bringing in more doubt

I try to stand tall, strong and free

But you have me hanging on tightly as a leaf on a tree

I try to break way but you rather I stay

I feel your fear and say,”no way”

Not this time my dear fear, the coast is now clear

I look within and with my wide grin

I will always win

With love and faith I am where I need to be

You can try to defeat me

but strongly, I will flee

To higher grounds I look above

Knowing that I will always come from love

Goodbye fear until the next time you appear

It will be less and less

As I stand above your mess

I bring what I hold near – my love and light

as I send you back to where you need to be – my dear old fear

Cindy Santo ~

This poem just took me no more than 3 minutes to create. Impressive! It just flowed through me. Allowing my authentic power to run through at an equal force.

I know that I have a purpose. My main passion in life is to heal.

Heal others through laughter. Heal through my art in photography. Heal by writing. Heal through my energy work – Reiki.

This is my souls divine purpose.

images (70) images (71)I not only work with my hands but heal with them as well.

I love being an ASL Interpreter.This career holds so many blessings and knowledge. I am honored each day to experience such wisdom. I take pride in the the skills I have. When I provide service to all my clients I know their divine thoughts and ideas are being clearly expressed. Their voice is being heard. No communication barriers – full accessibility.

We all have the right to express our voices and to be heard.


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I am definitely not in this profession for the money. Don’t get me wrong, at times it is very lucrative. I will not lie but it is not consistent which makes this profession one hell of a catch up game.

I do say, ” I don’t have enough”. By saying this is exactly what thought and energy I am feeding. It is all vibrational energy. What you feed in thought and energy is what will be.

Why not create what you do want?  It can be done.

I am living proof. Yet, I am also human and I do experience fear. Your fears are what they are to you. Mine are what they are to me.The importance is to stop feeding fear into becoming your reality.

By this I mean: Thoughts are energy. What ever thought and idea we put out will be as requested.

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What do I do when my fear appears? I look within and see what I have placed before me and say” I am full of abundance”.  “I have everything I need placed before me.” These thoughts will create more abundance and feed the energy of what I already have placed before me and much more.

Like you, I am on this earth school learning and growing each day. It is hard. It is rough. It has its waves. However it also has so many blessings, love and compassion.

Your faith will beat all fears. Faith and Fear can not exist at the same time. Ever.

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You are blessed. You are loved. Take your fears and come from love and faith- it is both simple and complex. Simple in knowing but complex in surrendering.

Enjoy as it is Spring Equinox. May this new beginning bring exactly what you ask for and create. Now is the time to manifest your desires as you wish to see fulfilled.

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I wish you much love, peace, abundance and happiness.

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Love and Blessings,



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