Smooth flow – Rough flow

Most of us want the smooth flow. I know I sure do. What does a smooth flow look like?

It is the look and feel of tranquility. When your life has a flow which is effortless. Everything falls right into its place with no hassle. You start to think you have a horse shoe up your butt and I regret to inform you that no golden shoe is up your butt but yet a golden light of energy. You daily routines, your thoughts and ideas become your reality.

Cindy Sun 1

You are lined in perfect harmony. Allowing your life to pass in equal measures. Just as water has its gentle currents which flow in unified synchronicity. Smooth flow allows harmonic and peaceful energies to engulf you and swaddle you like a baby. You feel warm, safe, happy and at peace.Your flow is exactly where it needs to be with little or no effort. Flow on life, flow on…ahhh…do you feel that flow? Nice isn’t it? Yes, I know. I have felt that flow many times and still do but hold on a second…

My imagery is now shifting.

My baby blanket is unraveling.  No more clear soft blue waters.images (54)

The flow is transitioning into murky waters.

images (55)

My flow of life is becoming a tad unpleasant. Where the hell did these waves come from? What is this feeling erupting inside my gut?  ***distant cry of a three year old***

Oh that pitch! That awful pitch! How can he reach such high notes!?!

Farewell smooth flow – your time is up. Rough flow is now here and with full force. The winds are gusting. The waves are fierce.  Where the hell is my life jacket? This is one rough ride!

rough waters

He cries because he wants what he wants and unfortunately he can’t have it. His tantrum unveils itself with dedication only a three year old can produce.

images (2)

It’s mad. It’s forceful. It’s relentless. It’s enough to make you look outside your front door freeing from this terror. You imagine yourself in a beautiful green meadow. Your hands are gently placed in the air claiming your prize of peace and serenity. In a joyous expression you say, ” I am free at last!”

images (59)

Your flow of running freely. You wave your hands in the cool gentle breeze. Suddenly it is interrupted by a loud screech of insanity. Bringing you back. You blink your eyes one hundred times hoping to go back to your green meadow but there is nothing left of it. You look at your child ,” I thought we are done with this.”  expressing in your mommy voice as you try to reason with the beast whom has clearly invaded your child’s body.

When I look my child I see his face looking as such:

2014-04-02 16.06.44

He is adamant about what he wants and so the war begins. In the mean time, I am frustrated and my body is about to erupt like scolding molten lava.



I can’t help but feel an ease of beauty when I look at his face and love what I see. For some strange reason he is cuter when he is mad. Thankfully it diffuses my eruption.

You see, I am up against an army of little people. An army in which I created and housed for nine months. During their incubation stage – strategic planning took place. Upon arrival, their work came to full fruition – the war had begun.

images (64)

There were days of smooth flow and not only coming from my breasts at the time.  (side note: Today as I was getting dressed and putting on my bra. Isabel looked at my breasts giggling, she said,  ” Do you still have that white stuff? I want to drink from your boobies” I could not help but laugh and say, “Sorry love! Dried up like prunes”.     images (60)

Who can forget the hysterics of sleepless nights? I wish I could but can’t. They still occur and I my oldest is soon to be six. When you are sleep deprived it is no joke although you look like a joke.  I would laugh in a craze insane state only because my brain has lacked so much sleep. My brain cells oxygen levels are on the verge of death. They need to refuel in the night and unfortunately I am unable to provide such health to my brain and its miraculous overnight functions.

images (62)

The sound of a pin drop – Up.

The sound of a sneeze or sniffle – Up.

The sound of a fart – Up.

The sound of someone moving into another position – Up.

There are those nights * very rare* but nights when I do sleep soundly and wake up at 8:00 am – YES!!

images (63)

Regardless of your flow. Smooth or Rough. Count your blessings – on your sweetest days and on your hard sleep deprived days.

Stop. Look. Feel.

Imagine yourself being swept away in a smooth trance of tranquility. That is what I do. Mother Nature heals me and I hope that my photographs of our Earth Mother heal you too.

Even on my hardest days, I stop. I look. I feel.

From our early sunrise


To our full moon skies


Stay Well. Stay Centered. Stay Balanced.

Love & Blessings,



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