Take a step…

One step.   Two step.  Three step.  Four.   Five  step.  Six step.  Seven step more…

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Take one step at a time. Allow your feet to move in a direction that is meant for you. You may feel afraid to take your first step – as most people are. You may start to feel uncertain, anguished, fearful,  hell you will feel just about everything. I promise you this, once you start to step and move it will all make sense to you. You will benefit as you step forward. You are exactly where you need to be.

Taking a step into detaching from old habits. Taking a step into healing from a heartbreak. Taking a step into a new home. Taking a step into a new relationship. Taking a step into healthier choices. Taking a step into parenthood. Taking a step into a new career change.Taking a step into supporting others and their growth. Taking a step into protecting mother nature.  Taking a step into healing from illness. Taking a step into healing from the loss of a loved one. Taking a step into healing form divorce.  Taking a step into a new educational training. Taking a step into a new risk taking. Taking a step into a new passions or creative ideas. Taking a step into a better you.

Insert your step here __________ as we all have our own steps to take.

The five W’s will tumble in n your mind like freshly wet clothes being tossed in a dryer.download (16)

Allow your questions to be heard. Work through each of them with your intention to receive your answers. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Be gentle with yourself. You are exactly where you need to be. Instead of asking ” WHY and HOW could I let this happen to myself?” you should articulate it as such, ” WHY did this happen in my life and HOW can I learn from this.” Once you ask that question start to move and take your step.

My quadriceps are toned from all my ascending and descending steps.images (30) I have taken many steps and still do. I step, I regress and               I step again.

Are my steps easy? No, not all of them but some are and I really like those ones. However, I like to focus on the more challenging steps as they wrap you tightly with insightful wisdom and knowledge each step of the way.

For example: Lets talk apples for a moment. I once told my dear friend a story about an apple tree. Your tree has many apples that you will encounter along our journey.  An incredible variety of apples. They all differ in taste, shape and size but once you reach the top of  your tree ( steps) you will find your red shiny apple that is meant for you.

Some are blessed to have met their apple in early adulthood. From high school sweethearts to first year in College. They have grown together from an early start. It is nice to see and hear their stories. They might of not had much experience of the apples listed in this story but they sure have witnessed and heard the stories of apples.

In this particular situation I will be referring to finding a partner but your apple can be whatever form/ outcome you want it to be.

download (13)I told my friend my apple tree story. It went something like this. ( with full voice animation and personalized sound effects. Who me? Yes me. I am a great storyteller. Funny indeed.)

“Cue the lights!”

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“You will get the sour apples . These sour apples damper your mood” I said.

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“They are bitter and sour and are no good for nothing.  Get rid of the sour apples! Who  wants or needs a sour apple anyway.” as I pursed my lips.

NEXT (some of you know exactly how I say ” Next” especially my friend Vendy)

” You will get the bad apple. Bad apples are just bad. There really is no need to  explain it much further. They look bad. They have done bad. They smell bad. They are just damn bad.”

“You one bad apple you.” I lashed out in rage. ( I am acting here peeps. Don’t forget the main stage actor.)

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NEXT – we still stepin’ climbing up this tree.

“You will get the crazy apple”. I said as I twitched my eyes. ” Crazy apples are not grounded and they will make you crazy too”. I started to look around like someone was watching me from behind.

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NEXT – damn this tree is big. Up we go. What do we have here? Picky, picky- Hey!!?? Is that his winky?

” You get the horny apple.” I said with an  irritated tone.

” Please back off now would ya.” I replied.

“I want no part of these relations. At least not with you! creepo, jeepo, put that back in your sizpo.”

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NEXT –  not to worry the good ones are on top but you need to start from bottom and step your way up.

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” How can we dismiss our rich apples.”  I said showing off my bling. “Rich apples are not always the best apple to be had. It makes life a bit easier but in the same breath it makes it harder too. If they are rich in love- I will bite into that.”

NEXT- you are probably thinking..Holy crap! Did this girl date an apple orchard or what? Answer to your thoughts – No, but I had my fair experience with apples. These apples listed here are a collection of research from my own apples and the apples of others. 

“What do you mean I pay for dinner?” I said in frustration. ” Its seems as though I am always flipping the dollar bills around here yo”. Waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

You need to get a little gangster when you paying for a dead beat boy.

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NEXT – Ahh a fresh of breath air. We get a sweet apple.
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“This apple is too sweet. Its better off with someone who will appreciate its sweetness.” I said and rolled the apple away.

“Go on apple, go on now, you are too sweet for me.”   I looked as this apple rolled away with adoring eyes. The same adoring eyes I use now when I send my daughter off to school.

Sweet apples benefits someone who will appreciate them more than we could. We always remember those sweet apples. They gave you faith in knowing that you are one step closer to finding your partner.

Next –  I am pretty high on this tree and I had to pick this one.

” Why are you so sad?” I said with concern.

” Do you want to talk about it.” Not really wanting to hear the same sad story over and over again.

“Maybe you need to get over your ex before you move forward or get some serious help.” Sad little apple.

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NEXT- Still saying it. Next with the same strength as the first. 

” What a lovely apple I just placed in  my hand” I laughed so loud it was contagious.

” You are so funny apple. I love your humor” I laughed again.

**Lucky for me, I married a very funny apple.**

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Next – okay! okay! I hear you! I am almost done. The story is about to end. We are at the top of the tree and I have picked the apple of my dreams. Mr. Peter Santo

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“I picked it!! I made it to the top and Peter you are my apple. My handsome, caring, passionate, funny apple. The list of qualities you share fill an apple orchard and beyond.  You are the apple I have always dreamed of.” I exclaimed.

Clearly it was  long day of apple picking for me but I took  steps in the direction from the bottom to the top. Along my way I detoured and detoured some more always finding my way back.

You too my dear friend will find your apple. We just need to go through a few in order to get the apple you are looking for. So be patient and take your steps. You may find that you will ascend and descend and that is okay. As long as you keep moving you will step in the right direction.

The End ~

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Love and Apples,



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