Dedication Day – Jacob

My sweet baby boy. You light up my world each day. Your eyes bright and warm. Your smile melts away any frustrations I might be feeling at any time .Your cuddles provide me with an electric wave that rejuvenates my entire soul. Your sweet voice and curiosity allows me to fall deeper in love. Your energy is contagious and exhausting in the same breath.

Your eyes are so beautiful. They have an electric glow. You are an old soul. I can see this when I look into your eyes.

J3                            DSC_0028

When we look into your eyes, we see your pure angelic form. You are an earth angel and I am so blessed and honored that you choose me to be your mommy.

You are a momma’s boy for sure. Any chance you get you want a kiss, hug or snuggle. When I leave for work you say, ” Mommy, I will miss you.” When I have to work late and can’t tuck you in at bedtime you strategically stay in your bed until daddy goes down stairs. Once the coast is clear you make your way into our bed, look out the window and fall fast asleep on my pillow. When I see you in the bright morning light you will run into my arms and say,” I missed you mommy and was looking out the window for you.” I love these moments.They melt my heart because one day these little sweet words will no longer be uttered in its purity.

Jacob, you love baseball! you are actually pretty good. You can hit off a pitch. In your world you call a home run a ” BOOM”. You are full of energy – you hardly stop unless its for a cuddle. Sometimes I request cuddles just to have a break.172

You love your daddy too. You have such an amazing bond with him. The love that you share is beyond words.

daddy and jacob

Your sister is your best friend. The two of you play so well together and love each other very much. There are days in which you are annoyed with one another( normal) but for the most part you love. The bond that you share with your sister is beautiful. You say her name like this :” I-bell.”

kids3 LOVEDSC_0144

I love you more than you can ever imagine, you are my life, my heart, my breath.

jake and mommy

Jacob, you bring so much love and laughter to everyone you meet. Your charm, warm nature and comedic persona draws everyone to you. You have my personality for sure. I always say, ” He looks like Peter but acts like Cindy.”

You will make a difference in the lives you meet along your journey here on earth. I am so proud of you and you hold my heart in your hands. The compassion you have is admirable. When we pray before bed you will pray on your own. You will pray random prayers but mostly you pray for people that need food, shoes, for dogs, for all animals, for all your friends at daycare and for your family( saying the names of specific people). It surprises me how insightful you are at the age of three.

Like the sun that shines each day – you are the rays to my heart.


This face is a face of pure LOVE.


Love you forever and always,