F*ck I swear a lot…

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I have started to count my F-bombs this week and the number of times I swore is outstanding. My F-bombs are at a rapid rate and increasing by the minute.

Do I really swear this much? Yes! I do.  and fuck do I love it.

I am a professional, a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister- fuck I am all the above and more. We all need a good fuck from time to time. Perhaps I should rephrase that. We all need to say fuck from time to time but receiving  of a good fuck is even better.

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Here are just some of the creative ways I have noted by my fuck saying ways this week. In no particular order.

1. What the fuck? ( There were so many changes in my schedule this past week that all I could say was ” What the fuck?”)

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2. Where the fuck is it? ( I needed important documents and of course when you need it – no where to be found. When you don’t need it – it is right in front of your eyes.)

3.Fuck this shit! ( It’s not worth the energy.)

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4. Motha Fucks! ( This was due to sleep deprivation and I couldn’t help myself when I was woken up from a deep sleep. It wasn’t directed entirely to my children but to the whole sleep deprived state. When you have not slept well for the past 5 years- it is the best way to let out your aggression.)

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5. Fuck me!  Ah that fucking hurt! ( Yes, I stumped my toe. Ouchie that hurt).


6. That fucking stinks! ( Yes, the smell of shit.)

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7. This is fucking good shit. ( Nothing wrong  good ole’ Mary Jane.)

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8. I look fucking hot! ( Feeling and looking confident = fucking hotness.)


9.  Fucking Slow down! (  I travel on  death trap highway 401. Some people speed and others do not.  It is pretty scary what I witness each day.  One major thing I have noticed are vehicles not having their headlights on in the evenings.  Not sure if you have witnessed the same but now that I have brought it to your attention you will notice it too. On countless attempts I have tried to signal that their lights are not on. I will utter in an old woman voice, ” Put your lights on now will ya Tilly!” not sure why I say it like this but I do.)

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10. Fuck me good- fuck me hard. ( Enough said.)

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There are more but you get the idea. I am sure that you have said your own ” fuck phrases” and I am glad you have. There is nothing wrong with it. Its an expressive word.

Do I swear in front of my kids? – No! they don’t hear it from my mouth . I say it in my mind or  I manipulate the phrase under my breath having it sound  very unclear. They don’t know what the fuck I just said. Majority of the time I do express my fucking emotions alone or with my beautiful hubby.

We all need to do what we feel is right for us. For me, I swear. I like it. I am no less of a person. If anything, I feel more vibrant.

For all of us who swear out there:

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Love and Blessings,



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