Your Ego + My Ego = WEGOs

Lets start with the basics. What is an ego?

From my teachings and experience, I have identified to ego in two perspectives:

From a spiritual perspective ego means living within the means of our five senses. Within our mind and our intellect. We identify with these senses through many levels and degrees. Our spiritual ego has a oneness – connecting with the our soul and with God.

From the psychological perspective ego means living within the ” I -ness” of it all. My work, my wealth, my home, my career,  The my and I – ness of feeling as though you are better than others ; or feeling less than others.

When your ego and my ego collide.  I call it ” Wegos”   Cute isn’t it? I got a chuckle from it.

I had an encounter with a wegos this past weekend. My ego and your ego shared an irritated dance. This was no tango but a fierce and fiery dance.

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As my ego was held tight within the arms of the spiritual perspective, your ego was held tight in the psychological perspective. Having the two collide. My ego was hurt. My ego was bruised. My ego decided to stay within the spiritual ego and sore above the psychological ego. I prayed for your ego to come out from the ” I – ness” and see the wholeness.

Was this a battle wound? Absolutely. Did I forgive? Yes, I did, but it took three days of the ugly cry, the reflection within, which lead to other forms of healing. Healing my wounds that were tucked deep inside. Thanks to wegos as it gave a nice gentle nudge to those wounds by saying ” WAKEY, WAKEY” and BAM – all hell broke out.

From this fiery dance and trust me a fiery dance it was.

fierydancer-500x500I was able to cut and heal within.

The wegos can work together – when both  spiritual and psychological egos are ready to communicate. They come together with open hearts and work as a team. Both egos will be fulfilled with their own needs. The spiritual ego will have brought light onto the psychological ego , allowing the psychological ego to feel the senses. In turn, the psychological ego will bring its perspective to the spiritual ego having the spiritual ego come from compassion and understanding.

Are you still with me? I sure hope so. I know that egos can become complicated. I do feel as though your ego is very important. I did say before it is not a bad thing to have an ego. As long as your ego is centered and balanced whether in your spiritual ego or  in your psychological ego – you are good to go. You will feel a completeness within. All our egos need to be stroked from time to time.

Although, I do feel our psychological ego must learn to step away from the” I-ness” and step into the “oneness”coming from compassion and understanding. This will open so many wonderful perspectives in seeing people in their true divine state. You will be able to identify which egos are unbalanced and which are in tact including your own.

Thankfully my ego in this situation stayed with compassion and expressed my hurt through love and your ego was open to receive. I was happy that this was the outcome because from our past our wegos were not always welcoming with each our own egos.

Do I shift from spiritual ego to psychological ego? yes, I do.  My logical mind allows my ego to get what it needs in a moderation and respect that – keeping balanced. I try not to overstay my visit in my ” I-ness” as it only leads me to unwanted feelings of lower vibrational frequency. I rather stay connected and balanced in my spiritual ego. It serves a better purpose for me.

Perhaps you have experienced a few wegos yourself. Wegos are very talented dancers. The fierce and fiery dance. Hold tight, and do the two step, cha- cha, which ever dance you feel is necessary to ground both egos. Separate the once connected wegos to your own ego. I wish you well with your wegos and remember to come from love and compassion even when you are in the ” right” and when you are in the ” wrong”.  Keep and open mind and listen to what is being presented before you. In order to move forward when wegos collide, you must listen, reflect and respect.

Stay Well. Stay Centered. Stay Balanced.

Love and Blessings,



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