Battle Wounds…

“What are these scars from?” she asked.

“They are battle wounds.” I replied.

She stared at me for a long time.

“Who are you battling?” she looked at me puzzled.

“Myself.” looking down at my scars.

“Battle wounds left scars. Scars from my own doing and scars from the doing of others.” as I soothed myself and felt the warmth from my radiant scars.


We all have our own battle wounds. It can be from our past to our present.  Wounds from our childhood,  adolescence, early and late adulthood. Wounds that we have done onto ourselves and wounds from the doing of others. We encounter minor to major battle wounds.

The past. The present. The future. Regardless when your battle wound penetrates and stings. It will leave a scar.

For many, wounds once open and sore.  Wounds that ached and shed tears into the size of the Pacific.  Tears flowed on many countless days, months and years. Wounds that you thought could never heal but did.  Wounds leaving behind a radiant scar. A scar which produced wisdom. Allowing us to see the light and love that comes from healing within.

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Wisdom as pure as the ocean tides. The strength of the the water crashes over you. It is strong when it hits yet soothing as it drifts away. Water signifies washing away any residue which no longer serves you purpose. It is both strong and calming.  Water caresses your soul, allowing you to heal miraculously. With the help of the God that is. He is the only one who can bless us with miracles.  He gives and we receive.

Strong and resilient. Calm and healing.  Same as the ocean tides,  you say to yourself – I survived.

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The times in my life when I was battling did I know that it would produce such wisdom- No I did not. Am I happy and grateful that it has – Yes I am.

My scars started at a very young age. From my early childhood right into  mid adulthood. These scars are very sacred. I hold much wisdom and knowledge from these scars. However, that is what they are. They are scars. Which means I have forgiven my own battle wounds. As well as, the battle wounds which were inflicted onto me by others. It took years of reflection and forgiveness but from this- I have healed.

Was it easy? Heelllll NO! did I cry. Yes!! and a very ugly cry at times. The one where you look in the mirror and just see how ugly you look by the grief stricken wound. The ones that look like this:

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 I would rather have cried like this or better yet have them cry on my shoulder.

 article-2539112-007E7E6C00000258-321_306x423  Cry-Baby-screencaps-johnny-depp-5494834-960-516

I could not resist these two beautiful creatures. I cry at the sight of their beauty. They too, have their own stories from battle wounds which formed their scars.

“How can I get my own scars?”she asked.

“From healing and cutting the ropes from your heart which are connected to that battle wounds.” I replied.

When we go within and start to heal. It can get pretty ugly( fair warning). It will surface many forms of emotions twisting and turning like a roller coaster ride. Rage will take over. Other forms of wounds will surface that has been suppressed deep within your gut. You will say to yourself, ” What is this from?” ” What the hell is happening here?”

When your emotional ride comes to an end and you sever the rope/ ropes which are connected to your woundsa_butterfly_landing_on_a_cut_rope You will heal.

Transforming your battle wounds into unique radiant wise scars.

Honor these scars. It is from these scars alone that will help others learn to heal. This is my gift to you. Go within and cut the ropes. Forgive ( it is not as easy as you think). Come from compassion and love. Be gentle with yourself. As I healed from many battle wounds throughout my life’s journey, it has brought me here today creating wisdom. Wisdom that I share with whomever walks onto my path.

Do I have more battle wounds ahead? Yes, most definitely.

With love and forgiveness, my battle wounds whether I inflict upon myself or from the doing of others will come to be wise and radiant scars.

Allow your heart to heal.


Love and Blessings,



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