Big titty living in the City

bit titty


It was topic of conversation with my group of lady friends. As we gathered round the table and spoke of life experiences. My turn had come. I looked at my lady friends in the eyes an uttered, ” having big titties is a real pity.” ** for those of you who know me, know how I use my voice inflections** You can just imagine how this was said. It was a mix of Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey into one good titty roll call.

You see, big titty living in the city means nothing but that.  It’s quite simple to comprehend.  I live within a metropolitan city with my two big titties.

Both men and women see my tittiesimages (4) what a pity.


and sometimes their reactions upon our introduction look like thisfun face

  and this  asian giggle

Higher, higher, you are almost there- Yes!! Hi,  look me in the eye and please don’t be shy.

Do I blame them? No. Do I wish for them to stop staring? Yes. Do I think it is uncomfortable? Yes. Do I think it will stop? No. Should I start to wear this top? Maybe.


I have a lot more than my big titties. I am very pretty, witty and

 I can take a mean (2)

To all the women and men who have big titties, do not fret or regret because it ain’t over yet.  Set yourself high and reach for the sky cause when you start to fall, keep standing tall but do be careful of any wall.

  It ain’t no lie. Your titties will never let you die.


The moral of this story is not only to big breasted women and men.  Yes, I am saying it. The man boobs. I don’t judge and neither should you. Some of us have big titties, little titties and somewhere in between titties. Which ever titties you have placed upon you. Wear your titties proud and know that there is more to you than those titties.

I am very proud of my titties and have become immunized to the” titty stare.” I actually look down at my titties too. It leaves an awkward silence on them – not me. Others feel uncomfortable as they should. They get a glimpse of my world.  Lesson 101- look at my face and not my titties.

Ha! I wonder how many people will now look at my titties after reading this post. Not because they really want to, but because it will be natural reflex.

Next time you feel like someone is looking at your titties.

Just visualize this and say…

download (3) ” Don’t look at my titty but I the pretty”

and laugh to yourself. Remember what I told you. Laughing is the what?  Yes, you got it -it’s the best medicine.


Love and Blessings,



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