Looking back…

Take some time to reflect on your year.

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This year that will soon be part of your past. This year that brought you blessings, health, love, and light. This same year that brought you darkness, hardships, fears, illness and tears – of joy and pain.

For me, 2014,  brought in much light.  I experienced new teachings, insights, love, growth, abundance, manifestations, miracles,  paths leading to new people.  I can’t even begin to tell you about these encounters and how grateful I am for each experience. However, there were periods where I was in the dark.  I experienced fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and the unknowing, taking on others fears and making them my own.

In order to stay connected and balanced we must be aware thatbump    will lead you to the NOW. The present moment.

Your soul has a  purpose. Every step is meant for you. You always have the choice of CHANGE.  Change things in your life which no longer serve you purpose. Change what is placed before you. Take a leap of faith, not fear, and plunge into change.



As much light we have  here on our earth; there is an equal force of darkness. Keep a watchful mind of this polarity.

When you feel darkness approaching

light vs dark

Find your light.


My blessings for you and your loved ones is to have a healthy year ahead. Healthy in your physical, mental and  emotional well being. Healthy in how you see others and most importantly how you see yourself.

Create the change you want and have faith in your outcome. See it. Write it. Love it. It will manifest into form.

If it takes too long to manifest or shape shifts into something different from your first request- Keep your faith. Sometimes our thoughts and ideas will shift into unexpected manifestations. You can actually benefit more from these outcomes. It can take years to fully manifest or with 24 hours. It all depends on you and your loving intent.

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Sometimes what you want needs to be rooted more. Gaining more life force from within to become your reality. We must learn to surrender it for our highest and best. The more you say, ” I want it now” it will not come. You need to release and allow the universe to work with you.

If it does not manifest – You have blocked it with your own fears or from the influence of fears from others. You will need to start over again. I had many restarts in my day.


Create Change +  Create Love + Create Compassion = Create a better you.

Deep shit? Yes, I know. But this deep shit will start to shift ideas and thoughts within you. Every thought and  idea is ENERGY. It is the law of physics. By adding  positive vibrational energy- you will be blessed with miracles. God is the only hand who has the power to provide miracles. We the people who are lucky enough by God’s doing and benefit from such blessings.


Happy New Year to one and all!




All Images and quotes from: https://www.google.ca/