You said it Kermy.   When we assume in singular form we look like this: When we assume in plural form we look like this:         Do not fret, we have all been asses from time to time. Yes, even moi. Do I get my donkey tail all tied in a knot? Nope. I make […]


It was a late Friday evening and the room was quiet. The soft hue of light showcased his face; his mind was clearly in overdrive.   His native tongue spoke his truth. His troubled mind releasing the complexity of it all. He feels comfortable with me to dig deep. He trusts me when I say, […]


The morning sun was very special today ; with its soft shadows and warm golden glow. I noticed the majestic energy as her skin was kissed by the light. The small hairs of her arms were magnified. She was a golden angel. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her […]