I wanted to say sorry.  I am Sorry for the delay in my posts. I have been very occupied with the waves of life and it is not time for my ass to get into gear.  It is true when they say that life got the best of me – It truly has.  BUT… I […]


You said it Kermy.   When we assume in singular form we look like this: When we assume in plural form we look like this:         Do not fret, we have all been asses from time to time. Yes, even moi. Do I get my donkey tail all tied in a knot? Nope. I make […]


It was a late Friday evening and the room was quiet. The soft hue of light showcased his face; his mind was clearly in overdrive.   His native tongue spoke his truth. His troubled mind releasing the complexity of it all. He feels comfortable with me to dig deep. He trusts me when I say, […]


The morning sun was very special today ; with its soft shadows and warm golden glow. I noticed the majestic energy as her skin was kissed by the light. The small hairs of her arms were magnified. She was a golden angel. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her […]

You are enough.

Hey you. Yes you. You are enough. You have everything you need placed within yourself. You are enough. You are love.         You are a ball of radiant light. You are enough. You give yourself to others. You give to yourself. You are enough. You have your issues. You have daily struggles. […]


Feeling a bit funny today. Maybe because I am happy. Maybe because I am silly. Maybe because I am just me. Maybe I love to play with words. My soul dances when I get creative. Add in your own words as you sing to the classic playground song. Cindy and Peter Sitting in a tree […]

A matter of the heart.

It’s okay to   let go of emotional ties from your heart.                                         When your heart feels resentful, angry, broken and cheated you are left with singing Billy Ray Cyrus, “Achy breaky heart”. Sing away!! Let your heart […]

What’s your story…

We all have a story to tell. A story that encompasses our entire existence. A story to educate others with. A story to change ones perspective of self and of others. A story that will touch the hearts of others. A story that will cause rage in others. A story that will leave you in […]

My very own batman voice…

It was a lovely morning. I could hear the robins chirping their own sweet melodies. I felt fresh and alive. I gave myself five extra minutes to lie quietly before releasing my morning pee. It was 7:05 am. The  kids would soon come crashing into our bed for their weekend snuggles. Their sweet faces held close […]

We all bleed Red…

This is a very powerful message that I place before you today. We face it everyday in our world and I hope that one day we will see each other as one.  “We have different shades of skin but we all bleed the shade of RED“   We might not have to like everyone we meet […]

When it Rains, it pours.

We have all heard this at some point in our lives.     I believe in both: negative pours and positive pours. We attach this saying,” When it rains, it pours” to our negative obstacles. Obstacles that pour down; each having a unique destructive strength. It seems as though the more obstacles the greater the force.They intensify. They […]

Dedication Day – Jacob

My sweet baby boy. You light up my world each day. Your eyes bright and warm. Your smile melts away any frustrations I might be feeling at any time .Your cuddles provide me with an electric wave that rejuvenates my entire soul. Your sweet voice and curiosity allows me to fall deeper in love. Your energy […]


I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too. Not a fan of “Valentines Day” but am a huge fan of LOVE. I love to love. I love to love me. I love to love you. […]

Take a step…

One step.   Two step.  Three step.  Four.   Five  step.  Six step.  Seven step more… Take one step at a time. Allow your feet to move in a direction that is meant for you. You may feel afraid to take your first step – as most people are. You may start to feel uncertain, […]

Your Ego + My Ego = WEGOs

Lets start with the basics. What is an ego? From my teachings and experience, I have identified to ego in two perspectives: From a spiritual perspective ego means living within the means of our five senses. Within our mind and our intellect. We identify with these senses through many levels and degrees. Our spiritual ego […]

Battle Wounds…

“What are these scars from?” she asked. “They are battle wounds.” I replied. She stared at me for a long time. “Who are you battling?” she looked at me puzzled. “Myself.” looking down at my scars. “Battle wounds left scars. Scars from my own doing and scars from the doing of others.” as I soothed […]

Looking back…

Take some time to reflect on your year. This year that will soon be part of your past. This year that brought you blessings, health, love, and light. This same year that brought you darkness, hardships, fears, illness and tears – of joy and pain. For me, 2014,  brought in much light.  I experienced new teachings, […]


It was in my early twenties. I remember the day it happened. I was washing my dishes. I was calm and centered.  My hands were submerged in the element of water. True bliss.   I was taken back from the initial arousal. A tingle. A release of climax. Did I…? Was this..? How did this […]

Carl…help momma!

Carl is fictitious character. Carl helped his mother in a time of desperation. We need to honor Carl and place gratitude towards him. As I am sure back in Carl’s day – there were many Carl’s who helped their momma. When I say back in Carl’s day I mean just that – late 30’s, 40’s […]

Send light

Hello friends, I have not written a blog this past week. The main two reasons are: 1. I suffer from anxiety and was hit with a doze this past week. It is slowly lifting and thank goodness for that. 2. I haven’t stopped working. Now that I have some time I wanted to emphasize on […]

My mom smokes me!

I will never forget when Isabel told her teacher ” my mom smokes me”. I looked at the teacher and agreed, ” I do smoke my children.” However, the proper way of saying,” I smoke my children”  is by saying,  “I smudge my children.” The main reason of smudging is to clear away any unwanted […]